Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Cause Side Effects?

Strangely enough, the answer to this question depends almost entirely on how you are taking Green Coffee Bean Extract. Let’s dig a little deeper to learn about side effects and Green Coffee Bean…

100% Pure Green Coffee Bean, A Treat From Mother Nature

The first thing most people think when they hear Green Coffee Beans is “it must be high in caffeine.” After all, a cup of coffee from Starbucks can easily have 150mg of caffeine, so you would worry that Green Coffee Bean is filled with caffeine and could make you jumpy.

Luckily, your fears about high amounts of caffeine and Pure Green Coffee Bean are unfounded. A 400mg serving of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract will contain approximately 12-20mg of caffeine. So, yes, there is some caffeine in Pure Green Coffee Bean, but much less than in a cup of coffee.

If you are highly sensitive to any caffeine, and 12-20mg of caffeine could cause you problems, then you will need to avoid Pure Green Coffee Bean extracts. For the rest of us, we are not likely to feel any side effects in terms of jumpiness or nervousness from just 12-20 mg of caffeine.

In fact, in the The University of Scranton study done on green coffee bean extract, not a single participant reported any negative side effects from using Green Coffee Bean extract. This is the same study that was discussed on Dr. Oz and published in a peer-reviewed journal.

So, Why Do Some People Report Negative Side Effects from Green Coffee Bean Supplements

Notice how in the above paragraphs we kept saying “PURE” Green Coffee Bean Extract. There are no side effects from PURE green coffee bean extract. The problem is, many of the Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements on the market are not pure. They may contain fillers, flow agents and other ingredients – and this is most likely what is causing the side effects.

Let’s be clear, if you want to minimize your chances of having any negative side effects from green coffee bean extract, you absolutely need to take a 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract that has NO other ingredients. How can you tell if a green coffee bean supplement is 100% pure? You study the label. Here is the label for the Perfect Green Coffee Supplement that we recommend –

Look closely at the SUPPLEMENT FACTS and the OTHER INGREDIENTS. You can see that this supplement just has the 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and the vegetable capsule it is in. There are no other ingredients, so your chances of having any negative side effects are greatly reduced. Of course, if you can not have ANY caffeine in your diet, you will need to avoid all Green Coffee Bean supplements. We always recommend that you check with your Doctor before starting any new supplements.

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Separating Fact from Fiction – Pure Green Coffee Bean, Dr. Oz, Weight Loss and A Sea of Lies

How can the tiny little green coffee bean be the source of so much confusion? Can Green Coffee Bean help you lose weight? What did Dr Oz say about green coffee bean extract? How do you tell the difference between all the Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements? What is the correct dosage of green coffee bean? What is the meaning of life? Okay, we may not have an answer for that last question, but we do have some great information on green coffee bean extract,
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What Dr. Oz REALLY Said About Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr. Oz mentioned Green Coffee Bean Extract on his show and the supplement industry went wild. No one had heard of this potential weight loss miracle, and the next minute every supplement company wanted to capitalize. They did so by telling consumers that Dr. Oz recommended their Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Dr. Oz did not recommend any specific Green Coffee product. In fact, Dr. Oz never recommends particular products, just ingredients that could potentially be beneficial to his viewers’ health.

Choosing the Best Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement

With all the hype about Green Coffee Bean Extract and the weight loss benefits it promises, it is nearly impossible not to be intrigued. There are many companies that already offer Green Coffee supplements and many more seem to pop up all the time. Are all Green Coffee supplements the same? Are they all effective? And more importantly are all Green Coffee supplements safe? This article is designed to help consumers choose the very best Green Coffee supplement.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Clinical Study

The most notable study conducted on the effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract was performed by Dr. Joseph Vinson, a Chemistry Professor at The University of Scranton. He studied the effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract on 16 overweight subjects over a 22 week period, and his results were quite remarkable.

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Cause Side Effects?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a natural weight loss supplement. Because Green Coffee Bean Extract is natural, side effects are rarely associated with it. In the study that gives Green Coffee Bean Extract its noteworthy reputation, 16 people were administered various amounts of Green Coffee Bean Extract over a 22 week period. Not a single participant reported adverse side effects.
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