What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

A green coffee bean is essentially a raw, unroasted coffee bean that comes from the Coffea plant. Raw coffee beans contain a powerful antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid as well as many other polyphenol antioxidants. Green Coffee Bean Extract is the extract taken from the raw, unroasted, green coffee beans.

New research suggests that the chlorogenic acid and other antioxidants found
in Green Coffee Bean Extract may help people lose weight, increase their metabolism, and maintain healthy blood pressure.

100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is the best way to get the chlorogenic acid and other antioxidants found in coffee beans. When coffee beans are roasted, the heat destroys most of the nutritional properties of the bean; therefore you cannot get the same amount of healthy chlorogenic acid in your everyday cup of coffee.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Supports Natural Weight Loss:

Chlorogenic acid has been found to inhibit the release of glucose into the blood stream. The highest amounts of glucose are released after meals and physical activity. The body uses this glucose as energy. When the body does not release as much glucose, it is forced to burn fat cells for energy. This process is called thermogenesis and it contributes greatly to weight loss. Chlorogenic acid also helps hinder the absorption of dietary fat and the strong antioxidant effects of chlorogenic acid may even reduce the development of new fat cells. All of these factors help chlorogenic acid aid in weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean Extract has more health benefits than those directly related to weight loss. The antioxidants in Green Coffee Bean Extract help to neutralize free radicals and protect the body from dangerous toxins. Green Coffee Bean Extract also promotes cardiovascular health and helps maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is Clinically Proven:

The University of Scranton recently conducted a study on the effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract and weight loss. The results were then published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal.

In this double blind, placebo controlled study, 16 overweight adults between the ages of 22 and 46 were randomly given varying doses of Green Coffee Bean Extract (700mg and 1050mg) and matching placebos over a 22 week period.

At the end of the study, subjects lost an average of 17 pounds, which is approximately 10.5% of their body weight and 16% of their body fat. Of the 16 volunteers, 6 reached a body mass index in the healthy range.

Researchers suggest that if the subjects had only received the higher dose of Green Coffee Bean Extract, and not the lower dose and matching placebo, the subjects would have lost even more body weight and body fat.

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Separating Fact from Fiction – Pure Green Coffee Bean, Dr. Oz, Weight Loss and A Sea of Lies

How can the tiny little green coffee bean be the source of so much confusion? Can Green Coffee Bean help you lose weight? What did Dr Oz say about green coffee bean extract? How do you tell the difference between all the Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements? What is the correct dosage of green coffee bean? What is the meaning of life? Okay, we may not have an answer for that last question, but we do have some great information on green coffee bean extract,
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What Dr. Oz REALLY Said About Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr. Oz mentioned Green Coffee Bean Extract on his show and the supplement industry went wild. No one had heard of this potential weight loss miracle, and the next minute every supplement company wanted to capitalize. They did so by telling consumers that Dr. Oz recommended their Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Dr. Oz did not recommend any specific Green Coffee product. In fact, Dr. Oz never recommends particular products, just ingredients that could potentially be beneficial to his viewers’ health.

Choosing the Best Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement

With all the hype about Green Coffee Bean Extract and the weight loss benefits it promises, it is nearly impossible not to be intrigued. There are many companies that already offer Green Coffee supplements and many more seem to pop up all the time. Are all Green Coffee supplements the same? Are they all effective? And more importantly are all Green Coffee supplements safe? This article is designed to help consumers choose the very best Green Coffee supplement.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Clinical Study

The most notable study conducted on the effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract was performed by Dr. Joseph Vinson, a Chemistry Professor at The University of Scranton. He studied the effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract on 16 overweight subjects over a 22 week period, and his results were quite remarkable.

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Cause Side Effects?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a natural weight loss supplement. Because Green Coffee Bean Extract is natural, side effects are rarely associated with it. In the study that gives Green Coffee Bean Extract its noteworthy reputation, 16 people were administered various amounts of Green Coffee Bean Extract over a 22 week period. Not a single participant reported adverse side effects.
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